Dr. Alveda King speaks at CSU's pro-life rally

Dr. Alveda King speaks at CSU's pro-life rally

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Civil rights activist Dr. Martin Luther King Junior's niece took on a controversial issue at Columbus State University on Monday night.

Dr. Alveda King spoke at the CSU Davidson Center Auditorium just a few hours ago, focusing on the pro-life movement.

Besides having a very famous uncle, King is a Director of African-American Outreach for Priests for Life.

The event was open to the public, and sponsored by Seneca, Choices for Life, Inc. and Chattahoochee Valley United for Life.

Dr. Alveda King talked about her own experiences having an abortion and why she's so pro-life today.

"When we consider the little babies in the womb, life from fertilization or conception until natural death, and that means every experience for everybody on the planet," Dr. King said. "We go through many experiences as human beings but if we're not allowed to be born, then of course we don't experience things."

Dr. King is also a Fox news contributor. To learn more about Dr. King,


Georgia state senator Josh McKoon of Columbus was also there for her speech.

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