Tensions rise as Lumpkin mayor faces charges

Tensions rise as Lumpkin mayor faces charges

LUMPKIN, GA (WTVM) - The city of Lumpkin is up in arms, and tension between council members is brewing.

"As a city we're not unified," said resident Mona Hubbard.

Hubbard was the only resident allowed to speak in Monday night's meeting.

Hubbard addressed every council member telling them what they're doing right or wrong in the city, saying this is the worst council she has even seen and the tension between the council members is a detriment to the city.

"Lumpkin has the potential to be great but it's not going to if we don't come together and put the differences aside," Hubbard said.

A motion was passed to allow the city to reinstate an administrative credit card after certain bills were not paid because the city clerk says she couldn't order the ink to print the checks.

One concerned citizen was kicked out of the city council meeting for trying to speak out about what he calls prior misuse of the card, sparking a debate between council members saying they didn't know about the charges.

The police are also getting one for gas for out of town trips.

"Without the city credit card the city will shut down. I've been here since '95 and have never got my bill late."

"I don't think they need it, Chattahoochee County doesn't use it, Stewart County doesn't use them," said Councilman Seay, who spoke out to  make sure the cards are only used for city business.

The mayor also discussing the fact that an auditor will come in and discuss everyone's roles having not had an audit for the city for at least three years.

"We need audits, we need to know what's going on with the money."

A few residents agreed to talk with us but only if there faces weren't shown on camera. They tell us it's because they're scared.

"The people who are left here are afraid of retribution."

"I really believe Lumpkin can move forward but we've got to know where the money is going with an audit."

"Lumpkin is going to be destroyed if we don't come together."

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