WTVM Editorial 5/8/15: Government Credit Cards

WTVM Editorial 5/8/15: Government Credit Cards

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - A recent Inspector General's audit of Pentagon-issued credit cards shows an astounding level of abuse that no private business would ever tolerate.

ABC News reports almost $1 million was charged at Las Vegas and Atlantic City casinos; it showed another $100,000 was spent at strip clubs by federal employees using government plastic.

If it wasn't so outrageous, it would almost be comical. But there's nothing funny about waste, abuse and fraud in government.

So far, the 500 or more offenders have not been publicly identified - which they absolutely should be - because the shame and humiliation they sought to avoid by hiding their illicit spending from their spouses, ought to be a big part of their very public punishment.

Even though the Inspector General says taxpayers won't foot the bill, but how do we know the credit card abusers will really pay up?

All this happened despite the Government Charge Card Abuse Prevention Act, a 2012 law that requires federal agencies to monitor purchases to protect taxpayer money.

Obviously that law doesn't work very well, so how about this?

The names of the government credit card abusers ought to be released and their names widely distributed on news websites, along with proof that every dollar spent illegally has been paid by the card holder and not the taxpayer.

Then the abusers need to be stripped of the privilege of having a government issued credit card.

Maybe some of them - or all of them - ought to be fired.

That's the way it works in the real world.


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