The cost of saluting the troops during NFL games

The cost of saluting the troops during NFL games

(WTVM) - A new report claims the National Football League reportedly accepted millions of dollars from the Department of Defense over the course of three years in exchange for honoring troops and veterans before games.

According to the out of New Jersey, the Pentagon reportedly signed contracts with 14 NFL teams between 2011 and 2012.

The stipulation is that teams would be paid sums ranging from $60,000 to $1 million each in federal taxpayer money to pause before the start of games and salute the city's hometown heroes.

Agreements also include advertising on stadium screens and sideline 'Coaches Club' seats for soldiers.

However, the spending is being defended by the military who says it is an effective recruitment tool for soldiers.

Topping the list is the Atlanta Falcons with $1.05 million, followed by the Baltimore Ravens receiving nearly $900,000.

Atlanta Falcons $1.05M
Baltimore Ravens $884,500
Buffalo Bills $679,000
Indianapolis Colts $620,000
Minnesota Vikings $605,000
Green Bay Packers $600,000
New York Jets $377,500 

To see which other NFL teams received taypayer funds, click this link to see the article from Business Insider

Not everyone is on board, however. Some are saying the practice is not only unethical, it's hypocritical — while comparing this to the suspension of Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.

Meanwhile, Congress and the President recently set strict caps on military spending as part of a very tight budget.

So when you add it all up the Pentagon paid a total of $5.4 million to salute troops, which U.S. Senator Jeff Flake of Arizona calls an unnecessary waste of taxpayer dollars.

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