Fallen officers honored at memorial service in Auburn

APD honor fallen police officers

AUBURN, AL (WTVM) - Law enforcement officers in communities all over our nation gathered to honor over 20,000 peace officers killed in the line of duty.

The memorial service, held at the Auburn Police Department, was devoted to honoring those who have fallen and their families in Lee County.

Their names are read out loud every year to symbolize the sacrifices they have made.

Lee County Sheriff Buck Jones, Opelika officers Lt. Britton Truitt, Sgt. Roger Motley, Marshal Henry Hart and Lee County Sheriff's Deputy James Anderson were remembered for the ultimate sacrifice.

They were all killed while trying to help a citizen and in Roger Motley's case, he was ambushed while trying to help a child.

Sheriff Jay Jones honored their memories and showed his support for peace officers. Jones spoke out against what he calls a vocal minority of American's who try to paint law enforcement as the enemy.

"It's a shame in many ways because the vast majority of peace officers in this country are doing it with their heart and souls. They put it all on the line and all they care about is making families are safe and the community is a safer place to live," Sheriff Jay Jones said

Jones also says East Alabama has always supported their deputies and officers, and now more than ever you can show your support by going out of your way and thanking them. You can also share stories about the positive interactions police have with the community every day.

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