Day one of Columbus arson trial

Day one of Columbus arson trial

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - The details of a 2013 arson came to light in a Columbus courtroom on Wednesday.

Both sides made their opening statements and first responders along with other witnesses took the stand.

"You'll hear from Big Tim that Mr. Wright, the defendant also wanted to jump in because he didn't want to be left out, but Big Tim said no," described the prosecution as they addressed the jury.

Attorneys continued, saying the defendant Robert Wright wasn't allowed to horse around with a group of men hanging out at an auto shop the day the property went up in flames.

The defense argued, "There are a lot of holes in this case, you got guys who are under pressure to make the case, so what they do is they pick apart and try to make the case fit."

The defense also claimed that the prosecution is asking the jury to fill in the gaps in their case and that some investigators involved are un-qualified.

Prosecutors tried to prove that the building was forcefully entered before the fire was started. Prosecutors then called multiple firefighters to the stand to testify on the condition of the building when they arrived.

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