AL Sheriff's deputy turns Good Samaritan for stranded older couple

AL Sheriff's deputy turns Good Samaritan for stranded older couple

LEE COUNTY, AL (WTVM) – A Lee County, AL Sheriff's Deputy is being called a Good Samaritan after a passerby noticed her helping an older couple stranded roadside.

In a Facebook post from Amanda Senn, a Lee County Sheriff's Deputy was stopped alongside Alabama Highway 51 speaking to an older man and woman outside of their car on Thursday.

Senn said in her Facebook post as she arrived at a nearby convenience store, she saw the SUV the deputy was driving pull up to a gas pump, and that the same gentleman stepped out of the car. The post says:

So I was driving down [AL Highway] 51 and saw a red truck on the side of the road with a lee county sheriff stopped talking to the elderly man and woman so naturally I went on to stop at the stop and shop. Then the sheriff pulled up at the gas pump and the man gets out puts a gas can beside the pump and begins to walk in but turns around and he reaches the door. I'm guessing the he didn't have any money with him because the lady sheriff officers proceeded to get out and pulls her own debit card out and pays for his gas at the pump. This officer needs a big THANK YOU! She is awesome! I wished I knew her name because I would call Jay Jones myself and let him know what an awesome job she is doing.

The deputy, identified as Sgt. Jessica Daley, ended up purchasing the gas for the gentleman, and taking him back to his car.

The story has gotten several shares on Facebook, and is even front and center on the Lee County Sheriff's Office Facebook page.

"I truly think she needs recognition for what she done. We don't find people like her in our community now days," Senn said. "I think she deserves at least dinner, lunch or a cold drink on top of so much more that we could do to thank her and give her the recognition."

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