Arson trial heats up as possible jury problem emerged

Arson trial heats up as possible jury problem emerged


There was a shaky start for day two of an arson trial as attorneys spent the morning discussing a potential issue with the jury. 

There was a question on whether or not some jury members might have broke jury protocol, by possibly discussing the trial or watching the news.

The defendant in the case, attorneys and Judge Bobby Peters spent most of the morning in private chambers. Jury members also went into the chambers one by one. Whatever the problem was, it was resolved by the afternoon and the trial continued with testimonies.

The condition of the auto-shop that went up in flames was once again a big topic. Attorneys worked to prove and disapprove a pre-fire break in and another major topic was if the fire was an arson at all.

The defense asked experts if spontaneous combustion was a possibility. Fire investigators said that could happen, but based on smoke patterns and other factors, they stand by their decision that the fire was purposefully set.

The trial is set to continue on Friday, and the owner of the shop that went up in flames is scheduled to take the stand.

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