5/15/15 WTVM Editorial: Red Lobster brawl

5/15/15 WTVM Editorial: Red Lobster brawl

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - You've probably seen the cell phone video of the Mother's Day brawl at the 13th Street Red Lobster.

News Leader 9 covered the unseemly event and interviewed some of the victims of the fight.

The video quickly went viral, getting hundreds of thousands of hits since Mother's Day.

Suspects were arrested and the investigation now needs to be thorough and fair.

But let's reflect on what happens when violence breaks out in public ANY day, much less on the annual celebration of motherly love - when families just want to enjoy a relaxing, special meal with their children and grandchildren.

Red Lobster, its employees, and customers were all affected in some way from the events that day.

Now Red Lobster has hired security to be pro-active in protecting their employees and customers.

That's a smart move, but it shouldn't be necessary.

It shouldn't be left to any restaurant to have to enforce basic civility, good manners and common sense.

Those are lessons that need to be taught early and often at home.

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