Goodwill to offer job fair and youth resources during summer break

Goodwill to offer job fair and youth resources during summer break

PHENIX CITY, AL (WTVM) - Parents may be looking for ways their children can bring in extra cash and stay out of trouble this summer.

The Goodwill Industries of Southern Rivers wants to help your child get hired.

The organization is hosting their first ever job fair for teens.

Some say finding a job can be hard work, but organizations like Goodwill can connect teen with dozens of employers who are ready to hire them for a few months.

School is almost out for the year and 16-year-old Terez Ricks already knows how he will spend his summer.

"Because my mom said we need a job to help out around the house and save up for college," said Terez Ricks.

To help him find a job, Goodwill is hosting a Summer Youth Job and Resource fair on Saturday, May 16 in Phenix City. Goodwill says this is a great way to keep teens occupied and out of trouble during their down time in the summer.

"Those of us who parent teenagers know it is a great need for them to have something to do during the summer," said Julie Bennett, Director of Communications with Goodwill.

Terez and his brother participated in mock interviews to prepare for Saturday. He believes his summer employment will help him stay on the right path later in life.

"It will help me in the real world and as I grow older, I would know what to do and say," mentioned Ricks.

This is the first time Goodwill be hosting this job fair, which is designed for ages 15 to recent high school grads.

"Its a tremendous asset and benefit to the community because we are helping teens get job experience that enables them to easily get a job once they are out of school," said Bennett.

Terez already knows what type of job he's looking for.

"Nursing home work to help out people," said Ricks.

"We have great participation from the community. We have grocery stores, restaurants and representatives from the city of Phenix City who are looking to hire." added Bennett.

Goodwill says that teens must have been enrolled in school to be eligible to attend the job fair at the Goodwill Career Center. The center is located on Highway 280 in Phenix City and the fair will start from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Goodwill is also offering another youth job program called HYPE, which stands for Hispanic Youth Program for Employment.

According to the U.S. Census report, 14 percent of Hispanic students drop out of high school. This is higher than any other racial or ethnic group. Goodwill wants to help this summer by providing those of the Hispanic heritage with job readiness and certifications in customer service jobs.

"We know that the Hispanic population is at greater risk for dropping out of high school. We really want to engage with them to make sure they stay in school. Also, if there is a need to help provide for their family we provide a resources for doing that," said Bennett.

The program partners the student with mentors to help them stay in school and work part time. The program is four weeks long and applications will be accepted until Friday, May 22.

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