Triathletes want to inspire a new Wounded Warrior run in Georgia

Triathletes want to inspire a new Wounded Warrior run in Georgia

LUMPKIN, GA (WTVM) - Two men, who both share a love for running and military service members, wants others to join in their efforts of starting a run for wounded warriors in two southwest Georgia cities.

Avid triathlon athletes Eric Thomas and David Hickox say it's their love for running and service members that gave them the idea of starting a race for wounded warriors.

"And let people know about this course out here and also we wanted to do something about charities like wounded warriors and raise money in the process," Thomas said.

And to help inspire others and gain support, they started on a 20 miles run from Cuthbert to Lumpkin, GA. They left around 6:30 a.m. Sunday and arrived at the Stewart County courthouse around noon.

They say there are not a lot races in between in the area, and believes it would be the perfect course for runners to enjoy and to target the huge veteran and military communities.

"There's a big running community in Albany and Columbus. If we can draw both those in it would be a great thing for Lumpkin and Cuthbert," Thomas said.

"If we can inspire one person to get off the couch, they don't have to run 20 miles, just run 20 feet. Just start somewhere," Hickox said.

Both men had family members who were wounded in the Vietnam War and World War II.

"Its just something that means a lot to us. They were two great people in our lives. We appreciate the servicemen and women," Thomas said.

Just thinking about their goal to help others is what pushed them keep to running through the up and down hills of Georgia 1, U.S. 27.

"We weren't going to make it and then I was hungry and then I felt like hey were going to do it. Then I thought about the people like wounded warriors that have been injured and lost their limbs and the things they do. If they can continue, certainly we can run 20 miles," Hickox said.

Thomas is a sports coach from Miller County, GA and Hickox lives in Phenix City. Thomas and Hickox has already received lots of interest in those who want to have a permanent race between the two cities.

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