Co-defendant in Tax Time trial has emotional outburst in court Monday

tax time

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - The trial for two people charged with tax evasion and related crimes has been pushed back to August 31 after the co-defendant made outbursts in the courtroom.

Prior to court beginning Lakeisha Degourville was visibly distraught, both laughing out loud and screaming at her husband co-defendant Ken Degourville.

Lakeisha had to be removed from the courtroom, and was later brought back into the courtroom. Judge Gil McBride said the case will be continued this afternoon.

The two were hit with a 57-count indictment in March following the largest tax raid in Columbus history.

Ken and Lakeisha Degourville were arrested in November and face a number of charges including: identity fraud, theft by taking, theft by deception, and income tax evasion and computer forgery for filing more than two-thousand false tax returns in a three year period.

Police investigated the business - located on Macon Road - for six months and discovered the couple would add additional paperwork to filed tax documents causing a higher tax return for the customer.

Investigators say, the false returns produced about $2 million in returns. Some customers were not aware of the scam but they are responsible for paying back the money.

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