10 failing Muscogee County schools in jeopardy of state takeover

10 failing Muscogee County schools in jeopardy of state takeover

COLUMBUS, GA - (WTVM) The Muscogee County School District may be in jeopardy of losing control over 10 schools that made the governor's state takeover list.

Governor Nathan Deal outlined his plan back in February during his state of the state address.

The enabling legislation introduced in the state senate would give the state power over schools that score below 60 on the Georgia College Career and Performance Index for three consecutive years.

The measure will be voted on by the people in November 2016.  Muscogee County School Board member Mark Cantrell is opposed to Deal's plan.

"On a state level all the way and in Columbus, I would say, I don't think they are happy with them taking over the schools. I don't have enough details to sit and say why but I do know the opinions I've gotten out there, it's not a popular thing," explained Cantrell.

Representative Carolyn Hugley also expressed her displeasure with the move saying she voted against the bill.

"It relinquishes the locals control over the schools and I feel the locals should do everything in their power to remove those schools off that list," stated Hugley.

The schools that didn't make the grade in Muscogee County are Baker Middle and 9 elementary schools: Davis, Dawson, Forrest, Fox, Georgetown, Lonnie Jackson Academy, Martin Luther King, Jr., Rigdon Road and South Columbus.  All of the schools are located on the south and east side of town.

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