Home burglaries to spike in summer months, experts say be prepared

Home burglaries to spike in summer months, experts say be prepared

(WTVM) - Bad guys beware... tech experts in Columbus say sensors, cameras and security kits to protect homes are flying off the shelves.

"Just about every one of your major manufactures these days will have one. There's Google, Samsung, Belkin, Apple is in development now so you're seeing a lot of these guys hit the market," explains Billy Enloe, Geek Squad Agent at Best Buy.

As crime is expected to spike these next few months, experts say to get prepared.

It's easier than you think; most every gadget available does not require a landline, but simply your smartphone

"It actually monitors them through the WiFi. It will send you push notifications to your iOS or Android device. If you have pets or kids or worse case scenario, somebody is in your house, a lot of the devices will have microphones you can talk through and someone will hear you in the house," says Enloe.

Even if you are thousands of miles away, installing some kind of security system can give you that piece of mind and ultimately save you money.

"If people are away on vacation, they can get WiFi enables lights and have your whole house automated from your lights to your heating and air," explains Enloe.

Major JD Hawk with the Columbus Police Department says when schools are out for the summer, they see an increase in crimes. He urges parents to keep their kids busy, to keep them out of trouble.

"Keep them active, get them in a program, or make sure you know where they are and what they are doing," explains Hawk.

To avoid becoming a victim, Hawk reminds people to keep their garage doors shut, doors locked and expensive items out of plain view - simple reminders that can be easy to forget.

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