Lurking dangers could put a damper on summer fun

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COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - As schools across the Valley get ready to wrap up classes, lurking dangers both in and outside your home could put a damper on summer activities.

Now, Columbus safety experts are gearing up for those dangers. They say kids seem to watch more TV and play more video games when school is out for the season, which is something that could be potentially deadly.

"We are seeing TV tip-overs, where children are being killed by these large screen TV's that are tipping over on top of them," said Pamela Fair, Director of Columbus Safe Kids.

She also says this type of accident is on the rise across the country, and locally claimed the life of one toddler two years ago.

Another major danger lurks in many people's backyard, the pool.

"Even experienced swimmers, you know kids who are good swimmers, can still have a water emergency, we can talk about cramps or so-forth," said Fair.

Fair advises parental supervision when children are in the water, even in public places. She says hair, swim suits, even flesh can get caught in drains that don't have covers.

"Teaching children not to play around drains when they are, perhaps if you're vacationing and traveling and you're going to let your children get in a hot-tub, that really needs to be supervised closely," said Fair.

As many public pools prepare to open for the summer in upcoming weeks, lifeguards are prepping to be extra vigilant.

Amber Holmes, a lifeguard at CSU, says that she looks for specific things when on duty. "If you look tired of fatigued, I'm also looking for the bottom of the pool," said Holmes.

However, experts say that isn't a reason to let your guard down.

"Life-guards are an extra level of coverage, but it certainly does not eliminate the need for parental supervision," said Fair.

Safe Kids Columbus experts also advise parents to have a "designated water watcher," which is someone assigned to keep their eyes on swimmers at all times during things like summer pool parties.

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