Buffalo Soldier Motorcycle Club helping the community

buffalo soldier

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - The Buffalo Soldier Motorcycle Club has set the standard for bike clubs in the Valley by supporting the community and giving back.

Royal Watkins also known as "Chicken Man" is one of five co-founders who started the Columbus chapter in 2009.

He said the club is a way for men and women in the Valley who love to ride motorcycles to come together, have a good time, and to also give back to the community.

"We're brothers and sisters and the Buffalo Soldier group, which is 100 chapters across the country, here in Columbus we've adopted Martin Luther King Elementary School where we give our money and our time to," Watkins said.

He put an emphasis on the fact that they are a "club" and not a "gang."

They are much different from a bike gang because they do good for the community including adopting different schools and helping different organizations like the National Infantry Museum.

You can't even join if you're a convicted felon.

"They're out to have fun, they're not out to do nothing else but to have fun. And Buffalo Soldiers know how to have fun. You don't see us riding in the community a lot unless their is something going on in the community. Most times if you see us were riding out or coming back in."

They are named after the historic African American Buffalo Soldier regiment of the U.S. Army. The original motorcycle club started in the early 90's.

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