Alabama legislature oversight

If Alabama Speaker of the House, Mike Hubbard and Montgomery Representative John Knight have their way, the
Alabama Legislature will be able to look over the shoulder of state agencies to monitor how they spend the money allocated  to  them.

A bill creating a Join Legislative Oversight Committee passed in the Alabama House Thursday afternoon.
Montgomery Representative John Knight and Speaker Hubbard are co-sponsors.
A senator and a representative would be co-chairs of the committee.
The rest of the committee appointed by the Speaker and  the Senate President Pro Tem would be required to reflect the same ratio of Republicans and Democrats in both houses.
"There are inter-governmental transfers, there's nothing wrong with that. But right now we don't even know about it.  So if  an agency is appropriated money they can send it to another agency and the legislature that is responsible  for appropriating  the money never knows where it ends up and there's something wrong with that," says House Speaker, Mike Hubbard.

After evaluating how state agencies are spending their money, the committee could  then make formal  suggestions to the agencies. 
Speaker Hubbard is quick to point  out  they would  only be recommendations.

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