WTVM Editorial 5/22/15: Homelessness

WTVM Editorial 5/22/15: Homelessness

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) – It sounds like a story right out of the Bible: a child sees suffering and does something to stop it.

It's the story of how a cute little boy from Alabama convinced his mom to buy a homeless man a hot meal.

It happened in Prattville near Montgomery, where 5-year-old Josiah Duncan saw a man who needed help and was so determined to make his life better, if just for a moment.

His mother could hardly say no when Josiah asked her to buy the man a meal at the Waffle House.

Josiah was also determined to lead the man and his fellow diners in saying grace before the meal. Even at just five years old, he's already proving what a fine young man he is.

Josiah's mom is special too. Instead of scurrying away in fear of the homeless man, Josiah's mom answered her son's questions honestly and supported Josiah's wish to buy the man a meal.

Josiah deserves recognition for his selfless act of kindness and his mom is a hero too - a good parent who has taught her son the most valuable lesson for any child: do what you can to help others in need.

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