Scott's Ride for Miracles returns home after final trip

Scott's Ride for Miracles returns home after final trip

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - With fresh tans, dirty bikes, and tears in their eyes, the 22 bikers of the Scott's Ride for Miracles had a big homecoming Friday after weeks on the road.

Their first stop in Columbus was the Covenant Woods retirement community to visit one Rider's mother, who lives there.

The Miracle Riders also dropped by the National Infantry Museum before heading downtown.

After the Riders made their big entrance, they took the stage and presented the Children's Miracle Network with $1,087,523.89.

We spoke with some of the Riders after their seventh and final ride came to an end.

Thousands of miles across 48 states has left Hank Lewis' bike a little dirty.

"It's the nastiest it's ever been," Lewis said.

He says along the ride, though, there were beautiful sights.

"Winslow, Arizona was the biggest surprise, Marble Canyon," Lewis said.

But no sight quite matched the faces of loved ones and supporters welcoming the 22 Scott's Miracle Riders home.

The group set out on their cross-country journey three weeks ago to raise money to help local children with medical costs, sometimes lifesaving care.

On the way into town, the group stopped by the grave of Martin Thiele, an honorary rider who lost his battle with cancer right before the Riders took off.

"He died the day before we left, and we hadn't gotten to say an official goodbye to him, so that was sort of our official visit and goodbye," Lewis said.

Life is precious to them – something they remembered before heading out on the road Friday morning for their final stretch of road.

"Worst things happen on your last day and nothing could be worse than something happening to one of us," said Scott Ressmeyer, founder of Scott's Ride for Miracles.

A group of supporters cheered them on and gave them a warm welcome as they made their grand entrance at the National Infantry Museum.

"It's just great to be home, great to be back with family and friends," Ressmeyer said.

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