National Infantry Museum hosts flag retirement ceremony

National Infantry Museum hosts flag retirement ceremony

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - A special ceremony was held Monday afternoon at the National Infantry Museum.

More than 100 American flags were officially retired at a fire pit behind the museum.

The United States code says when a flag has done its service and is too tattered to fly, it needs to be retired by burning.

Boy and Girl Scouts, as well as visitors at the museum, got the opportunity to participate in the ceremony which is held every Memorial Day.

Army First Lieutenant Jordan Beck says this is the proper way to honor the flag.

"Patriotism does not have a required demographic," 1st Lt. Beck said. "To see this many people who want to come out and be a part of honoring this great nation is a really impactful thing."

Along with Memorial Day, flag retirement ceremonies are also held at the National Infantry Museum every Veterans Day.

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