Ft. Benning pays tribute to fallen soldiers

Ft. Benning pays tribute to fallen soldiers


Families of more than one million American soldiers to date have received the heart-dropping news that their loved ones gave the ultimate sacrifice. Although they are gone, they are not forgotten.

In honor of Memorial Day, soldiers placed American flags on more than 8,000 headstones at the Fort Benning Main Post Cemetery on Monday. People gathered at Fort Benning to pay the highest honors and gratitude to the men and women who left to defend our country, and returned home draped in a flag.

The saying "all gave some, some gave all" weighs heavy on hearts across the country, especially for the families and loved ones left behind.

"We are honoring my late husband, Sergeant Christopher James Taylor who was killed in Iraq in 2005," said Janina Taylor, a military widow in attendance.

For Taylor, Memorial Day is about remembering her hero, as well as all the other heroes who lay resting in cemeteries across the world.

"We are celebrating and remembering all those who have past before him, and after," said Taylor.

Speakers at Monday's ceremony explained how Memorial Day began almost 150 years ago, following a tradition of cleaning and decorating the graves of Confederate soldiers on Decoration Day.

They explained how it is believed the date was chosen because flowers would be in bloom all over the country.

It's a meaningful history people like Taylor don't want to be overlooked by barbeques and pool parties.

"Remembering all who have served our country, who have gave the ultimate sacrifice," said Taylor.

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