City council passes Rapid Resolution

City council passes Rapid Resolution

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - A new program in Muscogee County that would help reduce the jail population by getting defendants through the court system quicker is moving closer to reality.

The rapid resolution initiative was passed during the Columbus budget review committee meeting on Tuesday, May 26.

The goal of the Initiative is to take simpler cases out of the case load so they can be resolved more quickly and do not get backlogged.

The docket is mainly for a defendants not wanting to fight their case, but will plead guilty.

"We're talking about cases that don't have a lot of conflict or are clear cut that this individual wants to plead guilty to whatever the charge is," explained Muscogee County Sheriff John Darr. "It gives the individual an opportunity to go before a judge plea and get their case disposed of instead of waiting months and months like it has happened in the past."

Darr says this will help lower the jail population and also bring justice to the victim.

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