Armed robbery surveillance shown in pre-trial motions Thursday

Armed robbery surveillance shown in pre-trial motions today


Held at gun point and grabbed by the neck was an intense scene one store employee described in court Thursday.

The Steve Toms' murder and armed robbery string has six suspects facing serious charges.

It was quiet in a Columbus courtroom on Thursday as three defendants and a group of attorneys watched surveillance video of just one of multiple armed robberies that landed six defendants with felony charges.

The video showed three men entering a Mexican goods store off Victory Drive and demanding money.

Officers believe the attack was planned, as one investigator on the stand described how the burglars knew about a secret room in the store.

"He was pulled away from that area and taken to a hidden door on the side, towards the front of the business, unless you had done some home work, you would not commonly know that that door was there, I mean it's not marked," said Sergeant John Bailey with the Columbus Police Department.

Pre-trial motions continued today as the group of men get ready for their joint trial to kick off next Monday, June 1.

They face dozens of felony charges including kidnapping, assault, and robbery. However, defendant Michael Johnson faces the most serious of all two counts of murder for the death of popular jewelry store manager Steve Toms.

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