Battle of the Budget for Alabama Lawmakers

With just one full week of the 2015 legislative session, it appears Alabama lawmakers will return for a special session to hammer out a General Fund budget.
Lawmakers seem willing to pass a budget in the regular session they know won't go into effect.
An amended General Fund budget was on the calendar in the Senate today, but it keeps getting pushed back. 

The Senate apparently didn't like the version the House passed and instead worked out its own. But that bill would then have to come back to the House for passage.
Speaker Mike Hubbard talked about how lawmakers landed in this predicament.
"You know it's tough. Anytime you start talking about taxes it scares people. And some of it is educational where folks who may think oh we have enough money and we need to cut the fat. Sometimes it takes looking at the budget and saying we've cut it down pretty much. It's going to take some innovative ideas and with all the things going on in the session, all the different bills and all the issues, its hard to concentrate on just one thing and this is a pretty bid deal", says Alabama House Speaker, Mike Hubbard.

Hubbard says that all the revenue ideas and proposals will be back on the table during a special session in August. 

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