Fort Benning Deployment

Friday six soldiers deploy to Afghanistan to support Operation Freedom Sentinel.
The deployment ceremony took place Friday morning at the sightseeing chapel on Fort Benning.
"It's an incredible honor  for myself and command SGT MAJ Rick to be able to provide these soldiers  to the mission  because we absolutely have 100% confidence that they will do a great job and they are highly trained, very good at what they do," says Col. Paula Lodi, Commander of the 14th Combat Support Hospital.

The length of the deployment has not been determined.

 Members of the 14th Combat Support Hospital will provide medical support for military and
D-O-D personnel in Afghanistan.

The team consists of Staff Sergeant Tanara Bracey, Sergeant Kathryn Dougherty, Sergeant Erin Engel-hardt, Sergeant Patrick Teer, Specialist Arturo Arce, and Specialist Mathew Pague


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