EXCLUSIVE: Good Samaritans save elderly woman from burning Columbus home

EXCLUSIVE: Good Samaritans save elderly woman from burning Columbus home

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Two local heroes are being credited for saving an elderly woman in her 90s from her burning home during last week's storm.

Jesse Denson and Russ Kinman said it's not about the recognition, they just knew they needed to take action and they did right in the nick of time.

The two men were at their job at Best Landscaping while the rain came pouring down during the thunderstorm last Tuesday.

"We heard lightning and thunder, and I just happened to look out the door and see a pile of smoke coming up out the trees, and I went in there and told them Mrs. Reese's house is on fire," Denson said.

Denson and Kinman jumped into their truck and drove up the driveway to Patricia Reese's home of more than 70 years.

They didn't think the woman was home because her car wasn't there, but then they heard a faint voice from the basement saying, "I'm down here."

"We started kicking on the door, but the top part was screened, so in the end we tore the screen out and there was a 2x4 holding the door closed and Russ was able to pull that up and we got her out," Denson said.

In a strange similarity, Jesse said he was saved from his burning home on Commander Drive in 2011.

Jesse and Russ say they hope anyone would do the same thing in this situation.

"We just did what we thought anyone would do, we knew there was an elderly lady there and we wanted to help but we don't need the recognition, i hope anyone would do it if they could help save someone," Kinman said.

The Columbus Fire Department said they believe this fire was started due to lightning and they credit these two men for saving Mrs. Reese's life.

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