Relative of man accused of Steve Toms murder speaks out

Relative of man accused of Steve Toms murder speaks out


A plea from one Columbus man has narrowed a group of defendants from six down to two, as the trial for a murder and group of armed robberies began this morning.

Four out of the six defendants have now pleaded guilty to charges related to a string of armed robberies that prosecutors say began with the murder of popular jewelry store manager Steve Toms.

Judge Rumor's courtroom was packed this morning with 70 potential jurors. Once a jury of 12 is selected, they will review key evidence submitted in the case.

A big talker is multiple music videos featuring two defendants flashing money and weapons. Terence Biggers, who claims to be the brother of defendant Michael Johnson, as well as the leader of an group called RBN that produced the videos.

He resonates the same stance as defense attorneys, claiming the clips are for entertainment purposes only.

He says the videos reflect struggles people go through, and they are promoting illegal activity.

"They came from the struggle, this is what goes on in the hood where you can not find a job, when you repeatedly try to get in school and you've been denied, this is what results when people die hungry on the streets who don't have a chance once they get in trouble," Biggers said.

Michael Johnson is the only one accused in the murder of Steve Toms. When he faces a jury soon, the state will work to prove that both Johnson and Dimitrius Gordon also committed multiple armed robberies.

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