Coroner: 2 recovered from Lake Oliver victims of accidental drowning

Coroner: 2 recovered from Lake Oliver victims of accidental drowning

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - According to Coroner Buddy Bryan two drowning victims have now been recovered on Columbus' Lake Oliver.

The search ended Wednesday morning when the second victim, 15-year-old Tiquarius Myers, was pulled from the water almost 12 hours after the body of Lloyd Cabiness was recovered.

One Tuesday. Fire Battalion Chief Bryan Watson has confirmed that they body of 35-year-old Lloyd Cabiness has been recovered near the Big Eddy Club on Lake Oliver.

Watson said Cabiness' body was found west of the Big Eddy Club at 6:05 p.m. ET on Tuesday.

Both Cabiness and Myers went under while swimming with about 8 other people on Sunday when severe weather hindered an outing on the lake. Cabiness was helping gather other friends and family out of the water, including Myers.

According to Cpl. Bolen with the Georgia Department of natural Resources, they used a remote control submarine with a camera built in, so that they could confirm targets.

"We weren't sure exactly where they entered the water, but all accounts pointed to a certain direction and we found him about 200 yards west," Watson said.

Recovery crews from both Georgia and Alabama have taken to Lake Oliver since Sunday to combine efforts to find the two. Family and friends in the community have come to the lake each day to support one another during this time.

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