AL couple expecting again months after death of conjoined twins

LADONIA, AL (WTVM) – In a video announcement made on his Facebook page on June 1, the father who lost his conjoined twins late last year said he and his wife are expecting again.

Michael and Robin Hamby announced that she is four-weeks pregnant, just six months after giving birth to conjoined twins, Asa and Eli, in an Atlanta hospital on Dec. 4, 2014.

The twins passed away on Dec. 5, and their parents announced it in a heartbreaking 8-minute video on Facebook; the twins were conjoined at the torso, legs and arms. The boys could not be separated because they shared a circulatory system, including their heart.

"We got great news," Michael said. "The Lord has blessed us and we've found out we're pregnant."

Michael said Robin is 4-and-a-half weeks pregnant.

"It's a little early," Robin said. "It's earlier than most people would like to announce everything, but he can't hold water. It would not stay in very long, because he can't hold water. It would not stay in very long [and] the world would know some way, somehow because Michael would tell everybody."

The announcement was made with their 2-year-old, Selah, crying because Michael had "evicted" her from her crib, telling her she was getting a real bed.

The video also indicated Michael would want two babies, but Robin emphasizes "baby" toward the end.

The Hamby's updated a captivated nation on the carrying, delivery and death of their twins on Facebook.

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