Opening statements begin in Steve Toms murder trial

Opening statements begin in Steve Toms murder trial

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - A Diamond Exchange employee took the stand Thursday in a murder and armed robbery trial.

Both sides wrapped up their opening statements pretty quickly Thursday afternoon after they spent much of the morning finalizing jury selection.

The prosecution then called one witness who described how robbers held a gun to her head, forced her to crawl on the floor and threatened to kill her if she didn't comply.

The woman described her experience in just one of a string of armed robberies in 2012 that prosecutors say began with the murder of popular jewelry store manager Steve Toms.

Defense attorneys urged the jury to be aware of self serving witness testimonies. This is possibly referring to the four other defendants in the crimes who have plead guilty and are expected to testify.

The prosecution described the robberies as fast, flawless and conducted with military precision. The state must now prove defendants Michael Johnson and Dimitrius Gordon were involved in those attacks.

The trial is scheduled to continue Friday with more witness testimony. News Leader 9 will be inside the courtroom to bring you the latest.

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