Academy shows citizens a day in the life of safety officials

Academy shows citizens a day in the life of safety officials

AUBURN, AL (WTVM) - Whether it's shooting guns at the range, extinguishing fires, or getting CPR certified, Auburn authorities are making it possible for ordinary residents to walk in the shoes of first responders.

For 14 years, Auburn safety officials have allowed citizens to go behind the scenes and see what safety officials endure every day.

During this two-month, once a week course, residents will learn how to work a crime scene, use fire equipment and how 911 operators respond to callers.

We were there on Thursday as one class became CPR-certified. They will also learn the inner workings of the fire department over the weekend.

"In order for them to help us best, they need to understand our job and what we do," said Fire Sergeant John Peeks with the Auburn Fire Division. "Tomorrow they are going to go down to the fire station and they are going to get to see the trucks and some of the equipment we use out there trying to help people in the community and the City of Auburn."

There are four sessions of the class left and residents can still sign up.

A link to the application can be found on the


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