The Fuller Center make home ownership a reality for Lanett family

The Fuller Center make home ownership a reality for Lanett family

LANETT, AL (WTVM) - Jetorrie Johnson and her seven-year-old son Matthew are now proud homeowners.

"It's an emotional roller coaster, an overwhelming experience that I will never forget," explains Johnson.

They will be moving into a yellow house on 12th Street in Lanett from a moldy apartment that caused Matthew to have respiratory problems.

"It's been an exciting week. Everybody has pulled together as a team doing different tasks, working together," says Johnson.

In just one week a group of volunteers spent time, sweat and cheers building the 34th home in the Lanett area made possible by the Fuller Center for Housing.

The center was started in 2005 by Millard Fuller and his wife Linda, who together founded Habitat for Humanity in 1976.

"We've build hundreds of thousands of houses all over the world and still have a long way to go," explains Fuller.

Pink was a theme of this week's home as it was the first Lind-A Hand Build, a volunteer team made up of women.

"To have all these young, fresh, strong women come out and build this house in five days has just been so encouraging. I know this will live on and on," says Fuller.

The organization does not give these houses away; the families pay for them on terms they can handle.

"The ability to pay is there, but we don't charge interest and that's what makes all the difference. The Bible says don't charge interest to the poor so we don't," explains David Snell, President of The Fuller Center for Housing.

"It's changed by life in a positive way because it's good to see that you can get people together that don't mind lending a helping hand because you never know when you are going to need to help someone too," says Johnson.

The money paid back by the families is put toward the next home for someone in need.

Several people and business made the Johnson's home possible including Kia and InterCall.

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