STEVE TOMS MURDER TRIAL: Defense hints at other suspects

STEVE TOMS MURDER TRIAL: Defense hints at other suspects

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Holding innocent people at gun point as a group of men robbed and murdered their way across the Valley is the picture that continues to develop from witnesses as a well known trial continues.

A stolen get-away car was the center of an attorney debate on Monday as prosecutors work to prove if two defendants were involved.

Evidence surrounding the 2012 Diamond Exchange armed robbery is still up for debate as prosecutors are trying to link defendants Dimitrius Gordon and Michael Johnson to a string of armed robberies. They are also trying to link Johnson's alleged involvement in the murder of jewelry store manager Steve Toms.

Columbus Police investigators described on the stand how they believe a stolen car found in Phenix City was used as a get-away car in the Diamond Exchange robbery.

It was a robbery in which individuals held three women at gun point, threatening to kill them as they stole cash and jewelry.

Defense attorneys argued that two other men, not standing trial, were linked to that stolen car in question. They asked one Columbus Police Department investigator why those two men were not considered suspects, despite the two men having an alleged history of violent and criminal actions.

Defense attorneys also argued that those two men were captured on video surveillance at a gas station wearing similar clothing as the individuals who robbed the Diamond Exchange. This could indicate Gordon and Johnson were not the men captured on surveillance video during the Diamond Exchange armed robbery.

Although officials found no finger prints or tire tracks at the Diamond Exchange, they say they were able to link Gordon and Johnson to the robbery after analyzing similarities like clothing, mannerisms, even voice recognition in video surveillance from other armed robberies.

The trial will continue on Tuesday, and multiple men who have plead guilty to their involvement in the robberies are expected to testify throughout the week.

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