Columbus searches for murder suspect, mayor talks crime

Columbus search for murder suspect, mayor talks crime

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Columbus investigators are continuing to probe for clues into what led to the shooting death of a man on Sunday evening.

Reno Fannin, 36, was gunned down inside his home around 6:30 p.m. on 23rd Avenue near Cusseta Road. He was shot in the chest.

On Monday, News Leader 9's Roslyn Giles went back to the scene to speak with neighbors about their concerns.  One lady's son, who frequently visits from Atlanta, said he always saw a heavy traffic flow surrounding the home whenever he visited his mother.   

"It was common to see lots of foot traffic over there. There were people with money who come here, people with no money or just 'Joe Blow' off the streets," explained Derrick Kendrick. 

Columbus investigators say the person who pulled the trigger on Reno Fannin and what prompted the shooting remains a mystery. 

"We have not received a call about this from anyone and in instances like this we rely on the community, we know the victim and his family wants justice, so we're asking anyone to give us a call," Kendrick said.

Fannin's death is the city's fourth homicide this year. It happened on the same day as the mayor's second annual Prayer for Peace Rally held at the Columbus Civic Center. 

"It's really to re-engage and to reinvigorate everybody; it's not to cast a spell that there will be no violence or crime. One of the things we've done is become a participant in the 'No More Campaign.' We encourage everyone to go to and we post there regularly which is an anti-abuse, anti-violence organization," said Mayor Teresa Tomlinson.

The Nehemiah project also started shortly after last year's rally to help combat domestic violence since nearly half of the city's 22 murders in 2014 were domestic related. During the second quarter of 2014, there were six homicides compared to four, which were during the same time period this year. 

The project is a partnership with the mayor, Greater Columbus Chamber of Commerce, local domestic violence organizations and faith-based groups brainstorming ideas for solutions to this problem.

The mayor is also encouraging the community to set a tone of 'no tolerance.' For example, Tomlinson says parents and mentors should say to a child, "You're not going to a house party tonight, you're not going somewhere where guns are going to be and you're not carrying a gun."

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