Mayor of Lumpkin pushes for a city library

Mayor of Lumpkin pushes for a library

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Outspoken residents of Lumpkin, GA voiced their opinions about the problems in the city during Monday night's council meeting.

But the meeting, in large part, was so the mayor, Charles Gibson, was pushing for a new city library.

During public appearances, Sibyl Ammons brought up the fact that the volunteer fire department is not up to the state standards.

Ammons next point included more public input in the council meetings. Next on the agenda, Mona Hubbard addressed the lack of respect during council meetings.

Hubbard then went on to discuss the possibility of a library.

The library has been closed since 2009 and despite setback and roadblocks the mayor is still pushing to get a city library. The Chattahoochee Rural library system decided to exclude Lumpkin from their operating system.

The library is something Gibson had been pushing since he was elected.

"Since we've been excluded right now, I guess our next option is to get a municipal library system, and the furniture we received is just the latest donations," Gibson said.

Also in the council meeting, Councilwoman Cullefer suggested the city needs to get a permanent clerk. She says this needs to be done before they pay $10,000 a year to hire an accountant to work on the backlogged audits from 2012, 2013 and 2014.

The council ultimately voted to hold off on the accountant for the time being.

There is no word on when the city will have a permanent city clerk. For now Niya Williams still holds the position of interim city clerk.

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