Mayor Tomlinson celebrates Columbus as a bike friendly community

Mayor celebrates bicycle friendly community

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) – Mayor Teresa Tomlinson celebrated the city's accomplishment of being designated as a Bronze Level Bicycle Friendly Community by the League of American Bicyclists.

The celebration took place at Fall Line Trace located at 3690 Manchester Expressway on Wednesday.

This award was presented to communities with strong commitments to bicycling. The League's Bicycle Friendly America program encourages people to bike for transportation as well as recreation by providing safe accommodations.

"Our goal is to be the first Silver Level Bicycle Friendly city in the state of Georgia. We are well on our way with this announcement and other progress being made to expand our cycling and pedestrian access to the transportation grid," Mayor Tomlinson said.

This program will provide tools, hands-on assistance and recognition to push the city to become even more bicycle friendly.

"We want the majority of our community to feel comfortable cycling to the park, cycling to the events in the community and in order for that to happen for children accompany their parents cycling to an event you're going to have to separate the a bit from traffic," Tomlinson said.

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