STEVE TOMS MURDER TRIAL: Seafood aisle turns into a nightmare

STEVE TOMS MURDER TRIAL: Seafood aisle turns into a nightmare


Witness testimonies continued Tuesday in a Columbus trial for the murder of jewelry store manager Steve Toms and what prosecutors are calling a string of armed robberies that followed.

One man took the stand Tuesday afternoon describing how a stroll through the seafood aisle at a Columbus grocery store turned into a nightmare when he became a victim of an armed robbery.

The state started the trial with evidence from the Diamond Exchange robbery and have now began calling witnesses involved in one of two Win-Dixie robberies.

A Columbus man described how two men held him at gunpoint, asking him, "You want to die tonight?" to which he replied "No I don't."

That witness continued to describe how another male encouraged the man holding a gun to the victim to, "Just do it," referring to pulling the trigger. The robbers did not however shoot at anyone inside the store at that time.

The customer continued his testimony, saying the men demanded his iPhone, costing him a total of $2,600 in losses, and says his life flashed before his eyes.

Prosecutors also played 911 calls from that 2012 Winn Dixie robbery, where multiple callers claimed to hear shots fired as the men drove off.

Another victim in that robbery took the stand Tuesday, saying how investigators never asked her to ID the robbers in a lineup nor did they ask her to identify any voices.

The trial will continue Wednesday.

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