Staying safe during mosquito season

Staying safe during mosquito season

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Mosquito season is here, and one Columbus doctor has some suggestions about how to stay safe.

Dr. Ella Amador with Urgent Care on Blackmon Road says you should never scratch a bite due to the risk of infection.

She advises using bacterial creams or oral medications to relieve the itching. Dr. Amador also offers advice to those who are allergic to mosquitoes.

"Using your bug sprays to keep them away, the ones that contain DEET," Dr. Amador said. "Using these insect repellents really helps. You can apply them to your skin surface that is exposed, you can even apply them to your clothes."

Dr. Amador says you do not want to apply bug spray on open sores.

Mosquitoes have also been known to carry diseases, especially West Nile virus, which is more common in the south.

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