STEVE TOMS MURDER TRIAL: Marijuana, music, and pre-robbery planning

STEVE TOMS MURDER TRIAL: Marijuana, music, and pre-robbery planning


Smoking weed, blasting music, and planning to hold up a grocery store at gunpoint is how one witness described the moments before one 2012 armed robbery in Columbus.

Multiple men testified on the tenth floor of the Government Center on Wednesday, coming directly from local custody where they are being held on robbery charges.

The men have already plead guilty to their involvement in a crime spree that followed the murder of a beloved jewelry store manager Steve Toms in 2011.

Both suspects who testified Wednesday claimed that Michael Johnson and Dimitrius Gordon committed multiple armed robberies with them.

The men identified both Johnson and Gordon in court, and one suspect claimed Johnson was the leader and organizer of multiple robberies.

Two Winn-Dixie robberies are involved in this case, and one Winn-Dixie employee took the stand detailing how nearly $10,000 in cash and checks were stolen.

The two inmates who took the stand on Wednesday also described a third Win-Dixie robbery that was planned, but the men didn't go through with it.

One suspect claimed that they called that robbery off when he ran into an old friend at the store, who had become a Columbus Police officer since the last time the two saw each other.

Both witnesses say Johnson and Gordon were not involved in that third attempt.

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