Columbus parents of 'severely underweight' triplets appear in court Thursday

Columbus parents of 'severely underweight' triplets appear in court Thursday

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - The parents of "severely underweight" triplets, according to police reports, appeared in a Columbus court room on Thursday.

The parents, Jennifer Ferguson, 33, and David Adams, 23, both of Columbus, were charged with three counts of first-degree cruelty to children.

Ferguson and Adams were arrested in the parking lot of a doctor's office on the way to Midtown Medical Center on June 10, after a doctor called police to report their three 8-month-old daughters "were severely underweight," and that "the babies' weight was a direct result of negligence on the parents."

After police spoke to the doctor inside the office, they made contact with the couple in the parking lot. The doctor's office is located at the 2000 block of 10th Avenue, according to reports.

In court on Thursday, the parents were represented by separate lawyers, and both pled not guilty to the charges.

Police testified that the pediatrician notified law enforcement of the children's condition. The doctor said that the children were brought in for an infection of the tongue. Following police involvement, DFACS was also notified, and upon their parent's arrest, the children were taken to Midtown Medical Center for evaluations.

Police also testified that Ferguson said she missed a doctor's appointment for the triplets because they did not have transportation to the doctor's office.

Ferguson told police that she was feeding the babies "as much as she could," and was overwhelmed. The babies were also born premature, according to testimony.

Court proceedings also revealed that there were four other children, ages 2 to 20 years old, in the home with the couple. Ferguson is the mother the three older children from a previous relationship.

Both Ferguson and Adams were given a $2,500 bond on each charge, and the case was bound over to superior court.

All of the underage children are currently in DFACS custody.

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