STEVE TOMS MURDER TRIAL: Jury watched music videos

Two defendants appeared in music videos that prosecutors played for a jury in the Steve Toms trial.
Two defendants appeared in music videos that prosecutors played for a jury on Thursday in a Columbus courtroom.

The music video showed a group of men flashing assault riffles, cash and describing themselves as "thugs."

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - The 2011 murder of jewelry store manager Steve Toms was followed by an alleged string of armed robberies that two men are accused of playing a role in.

Defendants Dimitrius Gordon and Michael Johnson face felony charges like kidnapping, aggravated assault and armed robbery. Johnson also faces murder charges for the death of Toms. 

The videos that were played in court were highly debated amongst attorneys as they showed a group of men that include Johnson and Gordon rapping about what prosecutors are calling criminal activity. One video additionally showed a robbery simulation.

Some of the lyrics include lines like, "Certified thugs over here boy that's how we do," and "We go hard we go crazy," as well as,"I'm on this paper chase, see me running on this paper trail. Look like money, smell like money, getting money can't you tell?"

Defense attorneys argued that the videos were strictly for entertainment purposes, and objected to them being shown in court especially without authentication from Youtube.

One suspect involved in the armed robberies in question took the stand on Thursday saying the music videos showed real life crimes the group was involved in.

That suspect who testified has already plead guilty and was formerly set to be a co-defendant in the trail.

The trial continued Thursday morning with one victim who described being held at gun point at a Mexican goods store. That case is not involved in this trial, however prosecutors are using it to link similarities in the robberies.

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