Fort Benning soldiers return home

A Fort Benning team returning from deployment in West Africa received a warm welcome home Monday.

The 14th Combat Support Hospital team was on a humanitarian mission that supported a relief operation. 

They provided surgical capabilities for the Department of Defense, the State Department, the Embassy, the Centers for Disease Control and other units working to combat the Ebola outbreak.
The team was stationed in Monrovia, Liberia for nearly three months and they did not come in contact with any local people.

"We conducted several A and R's - after action reviews and we learned from all the things that did occur and what to expect in future. Like I said before this was unique because it was a humanitarian mission so ended up having several things we wanted to explore and do differently," says Staff Sgt. Chaffee Cohen with the 14th Support Hospital.

The unit was not required to undergo a 21-day quarantine period because there weren't any new cases of Ebola. 

Instead, they were trained by the C-D-C on how to self monitor.
Army officials say they plan to continue sending small units to the West Africa region while relief efforts continue.

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