STEVE TOMS MURDER TRIAL: Defense probes investigators about other suspects

STEVE TOMS MURDER TRIAL: Defense probes investigators about other suspects


A man of his word, a good friend and business partner, is how witnesses continued to describe beloved jewelry store manager Steve Toms on Tuesday as the Columbus trial for his murder continued.

The state is expected to finish calling all witnesses by Wednesday, and then the fate of Dimitrus Gordon and Michael Johnson will be in the hands of the jury.

Johnson is accused of murdering Toms in 2011, and both he and Gordon are facing charges for a string of armed robberies that followed in 2012.

The defense spent the day questioning investigators about a list of possible suspects involved in the murder portion of the case.

Officials listed several names of suspects they looked into, but say they all lead to dead ends.

Investigators say all suspects mentioned were fingerprinted, and only Michael Johnson's prints matched prints from the crime scene.

The alibi of Bob Upchurch, the Gold and Silver owner who found Toms murdered, was also a big topic of questioning; however, officials say they quickly ruled him out.

Several witnesses have testified throughout the course of the trial how Toms and Upchurch were good friends, describing them as a bunch of "grumpy old men" who would bicker, but at the end of the day were very close.

Investigators explained how Toms was shot multiple times, which could indicate anger or personal connection.

They also claimed that if Toms had pulled a gun out to defend himself, as evidence indicated, that could have angered a stranger whose intent was to rob the store.

The trial will resume Wednesday morning, and the prosecution is expected to rest their case at that time.

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