Keeping mosquitoes off your skin and your lawn


COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - With the warm weather comes fun in the sun, but not without that one pesky insect that everyone hates - the mosquito.

We talked to a pest control expert as well as a doctor on how to keep the bugs out of your yard and off your skin.

This insect can lay up to 250 larvae or eggs at a time, specifically in still stagnant water, and those eggs will hatch in seven to 15 days.

A human normally has bacteria on their skin, but if you scratch a mosquito bite, the bacteria can enter the skin and cause an infection.

Dr. Ella Armador with Urgent Care on Blackmon Road says nothing beats prevention.

"Insect repellent really helps, apply on your skin surface that is exposed, you can even apply them to your clothes to repel this bug but keep in mind you may have to re-apply every couple of hours," Dr. Armador said.

She adds you don't want to apply bug spray on open sores.

In a recent study, scientists found these insects are attracted to your genetic body odors.

Charles Lawhon with Knox Pest Control says a mosquito can also be a nuisance to your outside pets.

"Even though they are protected by their coat of fur, their ears and noses are also exposed which can lead to heartworm disease if bitten by a mosquito," Lawhon said.

To prevent these pesky bugs around your home, you can get a monthly spray treatment from a local pest control company or you can do a few small things around the house that can also help reduce the bites.

"If you have a kiddie pool you're not using turn that over so the water can't build up in there, also drill holes in the bottom of tire swings so any water can drip out," Lawhon said.

Mosquitoes can be especially dangerous for small children as the mosquitoes can carry diseases, like West Nile virus and malaria.

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