STEVE TOMS MURDER TRIAL: Armed robbery or personal vendetta?

STEVE TOMS MURDER TRIAL: Armed robbery or personal vendetta?

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - A loaded and ready to shoot gun laying by the feet of jewelry store manager Steve Toms was a big talker as the trial for his murder continued Wednesday.

Investigators found a gun at Toms' feet; however, that gun was apparently not covered in blood like the rest of the surrounding crime scene. That raised the question from the defense - was it placed there by his murderer to look like an armed robbery?

The prosecution is claiming defendant Michael Johnson shot and killed Toms while robbing the Gold and Silver jewelry store of cash from their register as well as gold chains.

The defense questioned investigators why a gun found at Toms' feet was not covered in blood, hinting that someone could have placed that gun there in an attempt to stage an armed robbery and act of self-defense from Toms.

The prosecution argued that it was possible that Toms could have dropped the gun by his feet when he was hit by the first of multiple bullets, which would result in the gun staying clean as most of Toms' injuries were in his upper body.

One Columbus investigator took the stand claiming that defendant Michael Johnson said he had an alibi during police questioning before that officer mentioned the date of the murder.

Both co-defendant Dimitrius Gordon and Michael Johnson are also facing armed robbery charges for a string of 2012 assaults.

The trial is expected to get turned over to the jury for deliberation this week.

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