Locksmith provides advice on how to safely unlock cars during emergencies

Locksmith provides advice on how to safely unlock cars during emergencies

(WTVM) - It was a scary scene at a Columbus strip mall Wednesday morning when a woman's SUV malfunctioned, locking her kid, keys, and phone inside the hot car.

It can be dangerous for anyone locked inside a car, especially when it's hot. To demonstrate we put a thermometer inside a hot vehicle and in one hour, the temperature rose to more than 120 degrees. Acting immediately can prevent serious consequences for whoever is inside.

911 Lock and Key in Columbus and Phenix City are called out most frequently to help with unlocked cars.

Owner Jimmy Sadler says they have all kinds of tools to easily get doors open in less than five minutes. In the company's year and a half in business, they've already responded to a child locked inside a car in Smiths Station. The company actually has a free lock out service if your kids are inside and unable to get out.

"If we have a tech available to assist. If not, it's so hot Auto Zone, O'Reilly, Napa Auto Parts they all carry a tool that everyone should keep that breaks the windows out of cars," Sadler said. "Cause you don't want baby sitting in the car in 100 degrees. If you see the kid panicking, you might want to bust out the opposite side they are sitting on."

Columbus police were called to the parking lot of Hobby Lobby on Whittlesey Boulevard right after 10:30 in reference to baby locked inside a vehicle. The mother of the baby had just finished shopping. She put the child, her purse and keys inside the car. As she tried to get inside herself, the car malfunctioned and already locked itself.

Within minutes, the child was seen sweating and in distress. Instead of calling a locksmith, police were called to take care of the scary situation.

"Columbus police department responded in six minutes and broke out out window because the car was already at 100 degrees," said Craig Frick, father of child.

911 lock and Key is a 24 hours service and getting to a location quickly depends on where you are located in the city. But if it's an emergency situation, Sadler suggest calling an emergency agency.

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