Capital murder trial continues in Russell County

Capital murder trial continues in Russell County

RUSSELL COUNTY, AL (WXTX) - The prosecution shifts to physical evidence in a Barbour County capital murder trial. 

A blanket found wrapped around the victim's body was shown to the jury Wednesday.

Dr. Stephen Beaudreau with the Alabama Department of Forensic Sciences did the autopsy on 26-year-old Willie Pugh's body and said that Pugh had multiple cuts and lacerations on his chin and head on

Wednesday in court.

He also said it was the deep cut to his neck that hit an artery that killed Pugh.

He could not say what type of instruments was used in the attack.

During cross examination, the defense focused on the jewelry Pugh was wearing when his body was discovered.

The state also called two firefighters to the stand. A motive for the crime is believed to be robbery, according to the state.

The trial was moved to Russell County to ensure defendant Willie Dickerson gets a fair trial.

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