Key to a healthy life: try your cereal bowl

Key to a healthy life: try your cereal bowl

ATLANTA (CNN/WTVM-WXTX) – If you eat a bowl of cereal for breakfast in the morning, you may be doing your body a favor. You are really doing well if that cereal is high in fiber.

Scientists conducting a study at the Harvard School of Public Health find that people who have a diet rich in cereal fiber lived longer than those who made bad breakfast choices in the morning. They had a 19% reduced risk of death, compared to those who ate the least amount of fiber.

Crunching the numbers even further, the authors found that high fiber cereal eaters had a 34% lower risk of death from diabetes and a 15% reduced risk of death from cancer. People who ate a lot of whole grains and dietary fiber had a 17% lower risk of all-cause mortality.

The study published in BMC Medicine confirms previous studies that show cereal fibers and whole grains have a positive impact on life and help prevent cancers, inflammation, and obesity.

This study does not mean go for the sugary cereal, but eat the ones with FIBER in the name or those that have at least 10 grams of fiber.

Don't worry if you are not a big cereal fan; try eating oatmeal, whole-wheat tortillas, or even fiber-rich fruits such as blueberries or apples.

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