WTVM Editorial 6/19/15: Stand with Charleston

WTVM Editorial 6/19/15: Stand with Charleston

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WTVM) - When Tip O'Neill, the Reagan-era Speaker of the House famously said "All Politics are Local," he meant that what happens in Washington is felt locally, almost personally, where we live.

In the same way, "All News is Local" means important news can happen anywhere and be of intense personal interest, especially when the faraway news story creates an emotional connection to us.

That's the case with the Charleston shooting tragedy. It didn't happen here, but we care deeply because it touches us in a variety of ways.

South Carolina is our immediate neighbor to the east and Charleston is well known to many of us.

However, it's about more than the familiar location. The tragic killing of nine innocent people in a house of worship, the Emanuel AME Church, is frightening and sad on a personal level.

It's the kind of story that is hard to believe.

So we search for information and try to understand why it happened, even though we know the reason is madness.

Clergy from all races and denominations in Georgia and Alabama held vigils in Columbus and Fort Mitchell because they know we all feel the pain of this senseless act of hate.

On social media, supporters of Charleston use the hashtag #StandWithCharleston to express their solidarity and sympathy.

We Stand with Charleston because no community anywhere should ever have to face the sorrow of gunfire and death in a house that God built.


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