WTVM Editorial 6/19/15: Rachel Dolezal

WTVM Editorial 6/19/15: Rachel Dolezal

(WTVM) - Rachel Dolezal is a liar – it's really just that simple.

She is the former Spokane, Wash. leader of the NAACP who falsely represented herself as black for years.

She says she identifies as black, but saying it doesn't make it reality.

Police in Spokane are no longer investigating claims she made of receiving racial hate mail which put her in the spotlight as a victim because police found no truth to her claims. No truth means it was a lie.

Dolezal's lies about her race should be an insight into her true character.

Her lie is similar to the lies of fake veterans who pretend they courageously served in battle, until they are caught in their lie. It's called "Stolen Valor."

Rachel Dolezal may have worked to help African Americans, but her lies have caught up with her.

People of any race can and do help others not of their own race. That's called being selfless.

But Dolezal is mostly concerned with propping up the false story of her life and that makes her selfish.

There's no phrase like "Stolen Valor" for what Rachel Dolezal is doing. Maybe "Stolen Pride" could sum it up.

Everyone needs to be proud of who they are; it's what makes everyone unique and special. But Rachel Dolezal has no pride if she won't even admit who she really is.


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